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A Body Divided, 6

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When I finally went back to school in the fourth grade, after coming down with polio, my classmates were very welcoming, though I couldn't go outside and run around like them yet at recess or lunch time. That would come, just not right away. But it was th

Boiling the Dog's Head

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Why hadn't I made a plan?

Cherry Bomb

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I pictured myself walking to work while rainbows beamed out of me like rays to the sun. People would stop in their tracks and ask themselves who that fabulous vision walking down the street was. Word of my amazing shoes would travel wide and far across th

Easter Oneday

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This tomb oozes sheet music boxing gloves wooden spoons blood tests garbage bags restraining orders beach towels divorce papers snapshots beer cans empty and full.


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My boyfriend is interested in the ways of holy men. He tells me about Tibetans who are so focused that they can suck water into their anuses by squeezing their sphincters. We sit naked in the Jemez River and try to suck water up our asses.

Almost There

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...children live in the moment like no one else. Which is a good lesson for us all, especially when crossing an ocean. Because out here you are alone with the rhythm of your thoughts and the ghosts of your past.

Everybody Was a Virgin Once

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Most women simply don’t want damaged goods. That’s a fact I’ve been brought face to face with throughout my life. It's something you can continue crushing your brains against, like an impossibly high hurdle. At first you take the damage without unde


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My brother Herb married his high school sweetheart right after completing college. This was a girl named Beryl, whom he'd met originally in Mr. Reinert's marching band at York High School in Elmhurst. I remember one day in particular in the middle of the

"at 'night' any night is can't"

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“In the process, I’ve created this memory track. Yet had the sense that I had to make fixed memories move as illusion, that they move as illusion.”

My Favorite Emotion

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Mom. Dad. I’ll have you know that Jesus, right this second, is in the bathroom, and the bathroom Jesus told me it was okay with him if I pushed Alicia off the roof with a pillow-case parachute.

Camp #7

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One afternoon the kids from next door come over. Marion is our age, Jimmy a year younger. Marion's pretty. I can't even look at her.

Touching Jim

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He introduced me to key lime pie, for this alone I would have loved him forever...

Five Years Ago

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I pressed the tiny pill onto his tongue so it would stick and in doing so I touched his tongue with the tip of my finger. It was hot and damp, and it didn’t feel like the tongue of a dying man.

The Start of Something Good

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Then get a dog, eat some ice cream, fly to Paris....

Girl in 'Nam (Part 1)

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Licking my wounds. That's what my mother calls it. I'm not really sure what that means or if it's true. Sure, losing your boyfriend, apartment and job in a matter of months can drive someone to do something impulsive. Something crazy. But I've always b