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Alien Child

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"Where did you get all this hatred? We don't hate anyone."

HVAC is so sexy. What?

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We had imagined making babies with ease, as if they were simply fruit- ripening on the trees around us- and all we had to do is stretch out our limbs and pluck. We never imagined that skill is involved, that heartbreak is required, and that the one simpl

Soup for Six Million

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I will never reach my goal.

No Sanctuary 2. Night

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My mother still told everyone she would never forgive him for stealing her only surviving sister to Tangiers.

No Sanctuary 3. Bathroom

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These were definitely the two worst ways to die.

No Sanctuary 4.Gas Chamber

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I felt as likely to die in childhood as so many family members before me.

No Sanctuary 5. Sukkos Morning

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These were the sorts of dwellings Jews had lived in after their escape from Egypt

No Sanctuary 6. Crime and Punishment

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“Well, if she dipped your doll in the toilet, we will just have to flush her down the toilet to teach her a lesson.“

My Grandmother's Wedding Ring

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My grandmother and her children spent six weeks living in barns, then were taken for a three day nightmare ride in hot cattle cars to Auschwitz.

The Day the Rabbi Left for Good

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I was two completely different students depending on the class.

The Weight of a Gun

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The first time I ever held a gun, I was three years old...

Birds of Prayer: Memoir

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“Is that what six million looks like?” I wondered. I easily grasped the six part. I'd lived that many years. The Star of David had six points. So did each snow crystal.


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“Your mother, so dark, the gypsy. Don’t love her. We’ll call her something like ‘Blackie.’ The French have a particular word for a union like ours, your mother’s and mine. It’s ‘mésalliance’, you will remember the word, won’t you, girlie? If you do, yo

Ilonka's Hagaddah

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So then we had to worry about the Russian soldiers. When they heard we were Jewish, they said “How come the Germans didn’t kill all of you?”

The Chicken Killer From Brooklyn and His Satchel of Death (Birds of Prayer 2)

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In overalls, earflaps and muddy work boots, my grandfather Zeidika blended with the Christian townspeople. But in his long black coat that tied like a bathrobe, the Hasid just arrived from Brooklyn at the rural New Jersey train sation stood out…