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A Brief Meditation on Smoking

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There are two kinds of stupid in the world of smoking. The first kind includes anyone who smokes – knowing well that it is likely to cause terrible pain at a later point in their lives. The second kind includes the people who tell the first kind that sm

Because of Thich Nhat Hanh

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He sat in the lotus positionEyes closed in the grassat the edge of the lakethe water was calm and onlythe sound of a distant oarcould be heard knocking on the side of a wooden boat He breathed in and knewthat he was breathing inHe breathed out and knewthat he was…

Soft like Snow

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Elida had the perfect response prepared for this moment, replayed it in her mind so often that she thought it would come automatically; but now that it's here, she's at a loss. Roseanne's skin is cold, rough, and as the sting from the blow works its way


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I slide my hand under the sheets. It’s cool there. An impression. This is where she would be.

X, Chapter 15: Terrycloth Mom

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"You seem like a very nice avocado, but I really don’t think I am supposed to mate with you.”

X, Chapter 18: Befuddlement

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He placed himself in his semi lotus position, and his mind leapt and crackled violently like the split electrical wires do in movies about earthquakes.

evening cigarette

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It's short.

to a gregarious stranger

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Three lines.

i went to raves & wrote songs

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A short poem.

To the man standing at the grave of a loved one as I drive past the cemetery

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I can only say I’m glad/ it’s not me,


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After only a few months’ practice I am able to dive deep within myself. Inhale. A millisecond stop and I am under the surface. I know there is something here within myself – some treasure that I have come to find.

A Brief Sentence From the Woman Who Played with Herself (and God)

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You had me from the moment you dared to enlighten me, with that sweet smile hanging over the edge of your bright pink Cosmopolitan, your face teetering at the wrong angle, but not the words, which were never slanted, nor…

The Humanists

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“She’s very sick. She’s dying,” and he smoothed my hair along my neck. “It’s leukemia. A very rare type,” his hand reached my shoulder and stopped there. “She only has a few months.”

That One Time I Tried To Be Enlightened

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One…two…three…can anyone else get past three? What if I’m the only one that can only get to three? Did I just fail life? One…I’m doing this wrong. I stop counting, but I keep my eyes closed. I stay seated in the lotus position and I don’t move, beca