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Who is the Emotional Orphan ?

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A wise man said, after being told of his impending death from a terminal illness, “I lived my life exactly the way I chose, and I intend on living my death the same way”. So I started some soul searching…how had I lived mine?

Lynda, The First

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Spring break that year, I spent nearly every minute with Lynda. Her taste for sex was unquenchable once we’d gotten started. We did it in every position possible. The sitting position in the front seat of the car, which my brother Harris had to explain

In the Beginning...

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I know the exact date I realized my life was on a path it shouldn’t be on. It was February 15th, 1995. I woke up that morning in my dorm room, warmed by the sun coming through my Christmas-light framed windows. At the same time, I was shook by a low-fly

Why won't you lie?

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And out on that lake that day you yelled “desperation please!” And I heard “desperate pleas?” I wondered about first impressions.

Sand Blister

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I lied about the calm/ there was no pastoral mum sweeping the open.

Hail Mary Pass

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so for penance, the priest gave me the full twelve Stations of the Cross

(2) Liars

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"Being honest with me," said her teacher, "will hopefully allow you to be honest with yourself--writing is about being honest, and articulating that honesty." It sounded like a riddle, and her teacher looked at her with the sanctimony of a wizard.

The Suicide Lie

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I’m a suicide prevention counselor for teens. Most of the time I answer phones and tell kids not to kill themselves over their boyfriends and girlfriends and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, etc. I’m not even sure what the number is—1-800-DONT-DIE or something li


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Falling asleep remembering lies that had been built around lies Lies to impress people Lies to make life more convenient Lies, I didn’t even know why I told them.

A Tale of Two Writers

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A famous author and an inspired writer meet at a coffee shop, both looking for inspiration. The patrons there don’t know if this meeting is by accident or design, but they are in awe of Fame.


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Because his mother is Catholic and he may be, too, subliminally.

A Session About Grandma

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It suddenly seemed so banal.

The Guy by Isaac Boone Davis

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The Guy You get drunk at the party and tell everybody about the time you were raped. Half of it's bullshit. Alcohol is doing that to you…


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Mom might die any day, that's why I can't say anything. She has been dying for years. So when she painted a picture of me in which I looked fat, gross and stupid, all the while raving about how beautiful and…

The Atheist of Mirrors

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Don't mistake my eyes for supplication. My invisibility is your nightmare.