A Tale of Two Writers

by Nathaniel Tower

A famous author and an inspired writer meet at a coffee shop, both looking for inspiration. The patrons there don't know if this meeting is by accident or design, but they are in awe of Fame.

            So what inspires you to write? Inspired asks Fame.

            Oh, I've loved it for a long time, says Fame. But these days I only write what I know will sell. And you?

            Many things, Inspired replies. Nature, a busy street, a quiet coffee shop, a piece of trash.

            Interesting, Fame says as he sips his overly creamed coffee.

            Yes, yes, life is interesting, Inspired comments as he glances around the shop, not drinking a thing.

            So where do you write?

            Anywhere I can. On the park bench, at the office, in bed. I'll write on napkins, toilet paper rolls, scraps of paper, whatever I can find. Whenever a thought pops into my head, I write it down. How's about you?

            I used to be that way, but now I only write at my computer. I still have many ideas, but I find that now I can only be bothered to write the ones I know I will sell. Of course, if I have a great novel idea while I'm on the road, I'll give my agent a call and run it past her.

            That sounds difficult, Inspired says.

            Oh, it's a lot easier than it sounds. Making money isn't that hard once you get your foot in the door.

            Getting your foot in the door can be rather hard, Inspired adds. But it's all been worth it.

            Yes, it has been, Fame says as he finishes his coffee and leaves a tip much too small on the table before putting on his coat and scarf.

            Inspired doesn't leave a tip at all, but he was only there for the observation.

            It's a nice night, they say in unison as the crisp air hits them under a cloudless starry sky.

            Yes, I think I will go home and write, Fame says.

            I was planning on doing the same, Inspired says.     

            See, we're not so different after all, Fame says as he heads to his limousine.

            Inspired nods his head as he heads to the bus.

            On the way home, Inspired smiles as he crafts a beautiful sentence in the glow of the city lights. He thinks that he will share this one with his wife before they go to bed.