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Matt: How It Will Happen

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It will be a beautiful, luminous, rollicking, transcendent book, the manuscript smudged with tomato sauce and tears.

Taunting the Tiger

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I was headed back inside my den since these creeps just wouldn’t stop and thought they were the most hilarious creatures on the face of the earth, and I was afraid, to be honest, that one of their missiles might hit me in the eye. That’s when I n

The Arab Bank

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It had been particularly easy this spring, and it had always been very, very easy.

A Tale of Two Writers

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A famous author and an inspired writer meet at a coffee shop, both looking for inspiration. The patrons there don’t know if this meeting is by accident or design, but they are in awe of Fame.

We Collect Skulls

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all about the American dream

He Says Jesus Walks With Him

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The Wren

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1975. Mouthfuls of good champagne. Tailor-made jackets. Orgies on yachts anchored only a mile off Sandbanks. Silky Vanderbilt patterned linings. Cherry red lipstick stains. Cut-glass bowls brimming with icy white powder.

John Bonham

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There is an empty space, between every note in rock 'n' roll, where they have buried John Bonham,