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Fall Of The Twin Towers

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Sitting at an outside table at the Bassett Café on West Broadway, I remember, in the background always the Twin Towers behind me in the photographs from that time And the sparrows in New York, bolder than anywhere working over the scrap

The Forgotten Children...

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His cheeks were extremely pink but the pink was not the shade usually associated with good health, it was the pink of Death.

COD: Extreme Hunger

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Mid-laugh, Mr. Adams caught himself. His eyes welled, flooded with guilt for chuckling at his son's funeral.

Going in Circles

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Once, I asked my father why Rex turned around three times before settling down for a nap. He told me it was because one good turn deserves another, then he laughed.


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It plays The Neverending Story, a movie we’re not allowed to see, but we watch anyway, the flying luck dragon, the horse that drowns...


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what world is this?

Assailant (Under Construction)

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Hackleford stared into the line of shadow that marked the edge of the woods. He was a cautious man. He had bound himself to the belief there was no guaranteed safe place on this earth, that death could be instant and unexpected. And he was not prepared to

Making the Grade

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Because of a new state law his failure to maintain at least a C average for the nine-week grading period meant his mother’s monthly assistance check would be reduced by thirty percent.

“Satiety”/ “We the People of Walmart”/ “Blood Moon”

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I’m here for the cheap generics/ and the lowest price/ for a box of White.


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I become the accumulation/ of appetites

The Hunger of the Waxing Moon

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I took advantage of a free period this afternoon to nap. When I awoke, I tasted blood. My tongue was swollen. I checked myself in the mirror and saw twin punctures on my lower lip with pinpricks of blood on each. I winked at my reflection and lifted my li