Muhammad Ali Zia

Location Peshawar, Pakistan
Occupation Student

About Me

I'm just a guy who is trying to make sense of the world that surrounds him. I love music and I love to read and occasionally i write too (Whenever O get any spare time) . I'm here to read good fiction and make friends :)

Why do you write?

Anguish and frustration.... When i'm writing it feels like I'm walking on hot coals and I'm always exhausted by the time i finish.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I enjoy and admire Mohsin Hamid (Moth Smoke, The reluctant Fundamentalist) , Jeffery Archer ( The cat O' nine tails) , John Grisham ( Yes I've read em all :p ) , J.D Salinger ( The Catcher in the Rye) and a lot more who i'll keep on adding from time to time....

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