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States of Residency

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My grandmother was born on a wooden table, in a dark kitchen, in a blue house, in an apple orchard. When she was seven and complained of a sore throat, the same doctor who birthed her took her tonsils out on that rough-hewn table where she was born, where

Empty Space

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The house was empty now - silent. Each room was filled with air too thin to sustain memory. She stood, absorbing the emptiness, addding it to her own. Her footsteps were hesitant, reluctant to disturb the silence. She walked into her old bedroom - so…

Fortune's No Favor

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At 12:00, his wife called. Right on schedule. But he didn't hear the phone--the Bose headphones did their job. He saw his call-light blinking, saw her number on the caller ID, then watched as the voice mail notification went live. He kept eating and r


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The cabin has windows all around, like ribbon tying a birthday present.

Latitude Adjustment

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Down South now means August cold snap, the forties roaring my wool cap off my head.


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Pion's long fingers fly from black to white, white to black, without missing even a measure. The nocturne starts soft.


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The poppers, the Viagra, the chorizo – all had been ordered and all had arrived.

The Man who was followed by butterflies

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They hovered and darted but, after a while, they seemed to be always around him. Lapping at him like the mellow waves that stroked the muddy bank.

This is Home

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In a perfect world, national boundaries would not exist. Different cultures and traditions would still be there, but they would all coexist and people would borrow from each other with abandon. A real melting pot of a world. People would be able to come and go as they…

Sad without Tears

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Sometimes, to be sad, you don't need tears.

Road Trip

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I'm sitting in a burned out skeletal frame of an old Cadillac on the side of Route 66 just outside of Kansas. Back home in New York State my sister is explaining to my mother that Jack Kerouac convinced me to run away even though he's been dead for years. They're…

i found this.

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Home is where my parents live and my relatives visit.

Banana Snake

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Each boy held a stick, nudging at something at their feet. Yuudai moved toward them, the burned grasses crunching like a cow eating heartily.

Notes on a Travel Story

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150,000,000 dead Siberian mammoths undressed by snowmelt

Song of Another Country

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And she warms her hands on fresh-cut gizzards, And he forgets the taste of honeyed peaches