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Mina stumbled and fell headlong into her apartment, smacking her knees and palms on the hardwood floor.

The Arab Bank

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It had been particularly easy this spring, and it had always been very, very easy.

Just Back from Mexico

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Just back from Mexico where nothing reminded me how sadly I've given up on family and home; and already I've met the wife I've always avoided, and felt the landscape of my childhood drag at me like a sea-anchor.


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Takeo Suzuki was teaching KC, big-time film actor and director, the proper way to slice yellowtail. The chef made four quick cuts. KC mimicked him, but his cuts were barbaric and loud.

Advice to Horror Girl Victims

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leave a trail of potential weapons dropped from your shaking hands. you must always make it easy for him to follow.

Smoke and Mirrors

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She liked his company, she was fond of him—the way an old English gentleman might be fond of his terrier—I've very fond of her, you know, he says, rubbing her bristly back.

My Favorite Emotion

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Mom. Dad. I’ll have you know that Jesus, right this second, is in the bathroom, and the bathroom Jesus told me it was okay with him if I pushed Alicia off the roof with a pillow-case parachute.

La Pointe Courte

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Hold me, you, because I like it, long-dong silver, slacking slob.

The Thirst

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In the crowd, someone asking a question about why 16 mm film, and the use of a blue tint effect, when he sees her walk the perimeter of a crowd, red clad figure in long shot.

Raging Life

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When I was imprisoned, I sat in pitch black, stared at the wall, waited for movies that never came.


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Griffin talked to his actress, said, consider you’re freezing to death, this is the endgame of torrid forbidden love.

Bonne Fire

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And the voodoo pins pinged as, folding and imploding, she was reduced to a petro-chemical puddle.

Waiting for "Barney" (Mordecai Richler's version)

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But there’s a special place in my heart for Richler’s tour de force of a novel, his grand finale, Barney’s Version. It has everything — humour, a whiff of mystery, poignancy, a suggested reading list for a literary illiterate like yours truly, the Falstaf

Out of the Valley

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Megan Collier clutched the metal sill of her window, torn between fear and intrigue. Though not her first film expedition, it was her first trip to the African continent. Seasoned and well-paid, this crew had weathered precarious situations before. The dr

Lament of the Horror Movie Marathon

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I'm in our bed eating yesterday's pizza and chain-watching pirated foreign horror films