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And the fucking black dress.

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The fucking black dress; the fucking black dress that obfuscates whether or not you're pretty in the face, that obfuscates the sound of your voice, that obfuscates the color of your hair, your eyez, your skin,

Scene from "The Broadcasters"

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You think I had a choice? Let me tell you something. They own you. When you get this popular, they own you. Not the network. The people. The network just makes their best guess what the people want and gives it to them. You want to know why we do it? They

Fram (excerpt)

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If the basement of BIP was stuck in a bygone era of quasi-Soviet green and gray with all its whites yellowed, then the building’s lobby above was capitalism's future as seen by the past:

"The Sun Eaters" (novel excerpt)

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“They won’t ring no bells for you, sonny” she said, “that’s a done deal for sure. Bells no longer vaunt the birth of children, you little louse; they call out the birds of war now.”

Prom Night

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Years in therapy could cure me of the neuroses that stemmed from all that was prom night, but if I live to be a hundred and four, I will always want that meatball back.

Internet Hole (an excerpt from Psychopomp)

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Seventeen-year cicadas are the sometimes-singers that surprise spring with the ugliest mouths of all.

Finding the bog body

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It’s a bitch of a day, devious. It started out calm and then those monsoon showers hit. The lads legged it back to the vans for a bit of a warm sup. He was going to follow them. The rain machine-gunned the window.

Final Landing

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She got a whiff of something unpleasant. It wasn’t the food. More like very gamey body odor. An unwashed bottom. His dirty derriere. The odor traveled up through Chester’s clothes and made her choke. She gagged but didn’t comment because that would only make him more proud.

Backstage at the Purple Onion, Zenny Youngman recalls a strange dream and tells Lenny Bruce all about it...

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Who the hell is Billy Sol Estes?

Bitter Orange

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A poison bouquet of Merlot and brown floor muck bloomed in Seth’s nose. It’s one thing to sniff a freshly decanted red and another thing to shower in it.

Man-Bomb (excerpt from a Bromance in progress)

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The crowd- which consisted of exclusively men with beards and djembe drums and women with hairly legs poking out of corduroy patchwork skirts- cowered and crawled in fear around the angry man-bomb, mortally frightened yet encouraged to shimmy because the

Character & Fitness

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Character & Fitness, the opening chapter to my novel, "Death of the Dying City."

Killzone Excerpt: Route Of Discovery

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Killzone patrolled alone that cold, winter night. His thoughts revolving around her. Walking as if he was chasing her shadow. Eventually, he came across a transit station. He then realized he had no ride, and was very tired from walking. Only option was to take the…

Killzone Excerpt: Feeding The Wrong Fire

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"To feed the wrong fire, is to burn the house in the wrong forest." -Shan Shaikh

Killzone Excerpt: Curse or Gift?

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He charged into the house with great might, swinging the door open so hard the nails on the hinges were pulled right off.