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Ramona at the Funeral

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An off the rack husband, a dozen like him in the crowd, like a gown on sale the weekend before the prom your Mom forced you to go to with your second cousin. Prêt à se marier.

Grand Heads for America: A Fable of Exceptionalism

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Greg Samson opened his eyes. He had never wanted morning so bad, since he had writhed and jerked all night with distressing dreams. Good morning, Georgetown. And yet, something was still not right. His feet and calves hung off the bed's end, and yet his h

Get Me Gone

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On a corkboard in the entryway of the Leetonia Shurfine Market a curling handwritten sign said Room for Rent. Kitchen Living Room Laundry Privlages. $65 Weekly.

Without Forgiveness

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Click-clack, click-clack. The cadence of the tracks below push George back and forth between what happened and what is to come.

Nothing in the World (an excerpt)

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All night the moon had watched him, and he’d been unable to return its stare. Finally there was sunlight, and Joško took up his rifle and rucksack. He had trouble keeping his balance at first, but gradually his legs steadied.

Fantômas en Amérique (Part 3)

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In the cave of an old maisonnette at the exterior of the town I now scripture these words with sharp charcoal derived from a dead fire in the back garden.

Mommy's Sick Heart

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“You’re my daughter and I love you but I don’t understand this. I can’t understand how you could walk away from your son.”

excerpt from a forthcoming novel

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I wriggled in the bed and felt the sheets soaked with perspiration. My arms were lined with tape and tubing, needles pressed in veins. I reached for the cloth again and again, and every time they stopped me. The hands that came were cold and hard, urgent

The Art of It

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To write a good poem, one needs nothing but the whole intent of goodness.

Quite The Stupid Bitch

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Words I wish I had said are thick like Nacho Cheese Doritos cheese on my tongue. But I said so many words. I said too many words. But I wanted to say more.


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I was floored, intoxicated, over the moon, drowning in lust, sick with love.

Sorting through two forms of stupid

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Does modeling come easily to me? Am I made for the camera? Not exactly. When I pose for a shot, I feel, well, like a poser, really.

Garlic Kiss (an excerpt)

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I smell a hint of garlic on his breath, but I resist the urge to make a face. His fingers caress my face. I look across at my sleeping brother. I think about the jasmine bush outside our living room window. How the breeze blows its smell into the room whi

AK (excerpt)

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They said AK, AK, if you want to come here, if you want to come to Antioch, you have to bring your A+ game. If you want to run with the big boys. That’s what they said. So I brought my A+ game.

::HARD (excerpt)

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It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t scary. It wasn’t great. And it never is with people. Except..eventually..when you meet the right is.