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Turning Thirty

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Of all the authors in the library, it was a wife from Maryland who called out from her marriage dormer I was not to read her.

I Am

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When I was a boy, I always wondered if Dad were black. No one in our small town looked like Dad. He had the thick features of an Arab. If he let his hair grow, it piled up in messy loafs on his head. Of course, I never asked Dad about any of this. I wasn'

Boba Fett Blues

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So you want to know my earliest realization that I was just another boob consumer? Trace it back to my Star Wars Action figure days. Fish out the collapsible C3PO from a war-torn pile of crummy Jawas and Storm Troopers, no they're all out of Snaggletooth

A Dispatch from an Enivironmental Lawyer Who is Trying to Grow a Mustache

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Angelina Jolie, seducer of Brad Pitt, tattooed mother of rescued orphans, and the unlikely daughter of Jon Voight who broke Billy Bob Thornton's heart, is only two blocks from me, in a travel trailer on Seventh Street, gently rousing herself from sleep.

Recovering From Debt Rape

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Sure, we'll look at the causes for the lack of smackers, but, really, if you had a Swiss bank account stuffed with dinero, you wouldn't care how much your spouse's sex-change operation costs or if your boss approved of your lunch-hour massages you receive

On Tundergarth Farm

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There’s an oak tree in Hanover, New Hampshire. Twenty years old, it is still a sapling. I imagine that one day the tree will have a commanding view of the Connecticut River and Norwich, Vermont, where my mom sat in bed, crying, watching everything unfol

The Strange Edge: Have I Stumbled Upon a New Idear? (Blog)

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Slipstream features strange events in a typical world whereas New Weird features typical events in a strange world.

The Etymons : We look to you for answers.

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Silence. Silence. Silence and a well-constructed sentence can be the grandest mixture for contemplation, wouldn't you agree? Of course you : would. Which is why I ask you : these things.

the phallicism of skyscrapers

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In Paris, the lone skyscraper stands out like a stranger in a schoolyard. In Manhattan and Hong Kong they are packed tight to give them that wow factor. In Doha they cluster together and press themselves upwards. The desert must be fertile.

Dreaming in Mink

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Kept in my mother's desk for years, the envelope yellowed. The glossy model went white in the creases.

Boiling the Dog's Head

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Why hadn't I made a plan?

Easter Oneday

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This tomb oozes sheet music boxing gloves wooden spoons blood tests garbage bags restraining orders beach towels divorce papers snapshots beer cans empty and full.


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My boyfriend is interested in the ways of holy men. He tells me about Tibetans who are so focused that they can suck water into their anuses by squeezing their sphincters. We sit naked in the Jemez River and try to suck water up our asses.

Celebrating Difference

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Because they boil bananas and I fry them.

Right in the Back

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I loved baseball and still do, but if you saw me at eleven years old you would not mistake me for that kid over there, the one with even an ounce of talent. Mine you’d measure in atoms.