Stories tagged despair

Blue Glass

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Of course that’s seen behind a screen. The lake by day is patternless gray, the O of breath- stoked mirror or a chain- smoked sky, slim fingers rising


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The waitress says, “That’s a memory,” as the smoke dances around her head.


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His academic nightmare is set in an examination hall, where the student takes a seat at a folding table in the center of the room.

A Life

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Born, he stood up. He wore nothing as often as possible

Fourth World

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Where are you going, boy who never was?

Rejection at the Gates of Heaven

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"Some Purgatory in order, innit?"

The Inconsequential Leaping of Rabbits

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If someone were to place a rabbit in her lap right now, there would be nothing she could do to hold onto it. It would leap. Drop. Hie its powerful body elsewhere. At the end of her life she would have nothing to show but a collection of rabbit-shaped empt

Aesthetic Strategy

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it acquires a fine translucence

Marine Forecast

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A favorite place doesn't always offer comfort.

A Despair So Dark

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It all started before the fire.

Patriarchy: First Song of Despair

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It is not our fault

Fifth Love Poem and Fifth Song of Despair

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how beautiful it could have been

The Four Despairs of Lumpy

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children love to push the gas up and down my limbs

Eighth Love Poem and Eighth Song of Despair

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a shawl of comfort: how you do love me, just not like that

English Riviera

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Wooden piers, sour local beers Sodium smears on aquariums, damaged