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The True Hula (excerpt)

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From the first, the music struck Cecile. It was lilting, graceful, each syllable like water falling at different levels, at varying mathematical degrees.

Dancing Beneath a Gazebo

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We learned to dance beneath a gazebo / in Spring Lake Park / We were fourteen

I Wish I'd Learned To Dance

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Pride, and fear of my own clumsiness were my enemy. I was paralyzed, and I misread the import it had for you. I believed everything we said, and took for granted that I could surprise you one day, and sweep you off your feet.

A Rough Dance

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A young woman is seated center stage. She is pretty, dressed in a short nightgown. She sits nervously, her body tense and expectant.

The Dance Begins

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the dance begins. Deeper. I dance. I am with you tonight.

Fuego Y Furia

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She closed her eyes and fell into a drum roll. Trust now and let go.

1992, What I Wanted

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To be a backup dancer for Billy Ocean; that's all. I had chubby legs like a baby. They turned out akwardly as if I had broken hips but mum said it was just the way I came out and I would grow out of it.

The Juniper Days – Part II, The Diary

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12th August: I have yet to tire of Madrid. Some come and go but there is always a group of the best people to dance and drink and flirt with. (I can frequently accomplish all three simultaneously.)

My Mother Loved To Dance

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I can picture her

Horny Pigeon

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My best friend and I are sitting on her daybed watching her sister dance with my boyfriend.  Her sister's shaking her ass in front of his crotch and he's going along like he's got no choice, twisting his hips and flapping his arms like a horny pigeon.  

Homage To The King Of Pop

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Was this your unspoken mantra, O Moonwalking dynamo who adept at inspiriting audiences

Guitar Lessons

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Sula tries to bring a bit of the magic back with her. She carefully tucks some into her suitcase between the Union Jack knee-high socks for her sister and souvenir Big Ben T-shirt for her mother. She braids some into her hair.

One Slow Dance with Buddha

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So suppose that it is a cool night with just a hint of autumn in the air and this woman, just your average woman, say, is standing in the dark so nondescript and let's say he'd looked at her, looked through her, half a dozen times or so in that sea…

I Saw a Woman Dance

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Teacher? I asked. Not I, said her dancing.

The Day The Music Died

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I heard an old Stevie Ray Vaughn tune this morning. It triggered a flash back. It’s funny how just a few notes of a song can slam me right into a memory. A total and complete immersion. Sights. Sounds. Smells. The people. The place. The weather. Wha