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Driven Crazy/My Eyes Have Seen

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with hips and bottom as wide as the Mississippi / They carry it back home/ others to have/ can’t digest it/


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She looked out the window. It was raining. “Better than snow” she told herself. She didn’t mind traveling. It was good to travel once in a while. By road, when someone else was driving. Like now, on the bus back home. It gave you time to reflect, re

His Bus

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He'd always considered it his bus.


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You can’t take a chandelier on an emergency dash across a nuclear desert.

Liebe Grüße

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Left, I see parkland and cyclists and sun. Right: picnic blankets, naked men and lunchtime assignations.

The Arctic Express

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Sky: Snows, turns dark. Street: Freezes. Remains on a hill. Traffic: None on this block. Two: Did I miss the bus? One: You either missed it, or it didn't come. Two: Hasn't come. One: One or the other. Which one? Two: I don't know; I asked you. One: I meant which…

A Love Letter to Norwich, England

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The number 25 double-decker bus threads its way through the narrow two-lane streets. Coughing and burping without a hint of embarrassment, it carries us from the train station, with its cheerful round clockface and neat front of red brick, over the weepin

The Bus Breaks Down on St Vincent Street

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he tips groundward and breaks apart


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There was that time he decided to avoid the whole situation by getting off the bus early.

Born Out of Fog

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As if one might get lost forever along the way.

What Some Boys Do

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I squeeze the soft bag tighter between my legs.

Significant Things

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“This is a Kneeling Bus.” They’re all kneeling buses, why do they even have to say that? Almost every person gets off in the front now when it says it even says right on the bus to please move to the back and exit from the rear side doors. I hate having t