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He was not supposed to leave handcuffs or a butt plug laying around.

it’s a true story

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My only celebrity anecdote involves seeing Barbara Bush in the back of the Presidential limo ...

Going Bananas

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I haven’t made the headlines yet. Maybe I never will. In a city like this, it probably takes more than this to get the helicopters in the air.

My Beloved Favilla

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Your face became crackled with lines of age your insides became dirtied and broken it was often due to my neglect or abuse, but you suffered with words unspoken

Cockroach (april fool's challenge)

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"Give that roach a Sno*Cap."

His Unlocked Window (april fool's challenge)

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April was no fool. She knew Paul's window would be open, it was Saturday night, and as long as she crawled in after midnight, his parents would be drunk and dead asleep. Those were the exact words he said. He called it "Paul's after…

Gods Sense of Humor (April Fools Challenge)

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I wonder, God. Do you sit around and play with the universe like it was your Wii? Or your Farmville? Or maybe your little iphone app? I mean, really. Did it ever occur to you that the little men, women and children on your screen actually bleed? Do you think…

The Ballad of Phineas, Fair Nance and The Beej

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So off to the Nacimiento woods after Arizona's homemade pizza flat That's more intoxicating than a brew And lisnin' to Strangefellow's ten fingers magically fly on his Strat With his Psyche-delicate view

Hunting CHUD (for the April Fools Day challenge)

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CHUD were everywhere.

April 1, 2013

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He groaned in that half-life state between dreamless sleep and wakefulness.

The Tale of Betty & Bob

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So me and Andre ended up living together in Newburgh, New York, had a few kids cause he'd just look at me with those heavee lidded Frenchie eyes and say sheree fook me and vuala, I'd get knocked up.

The King's English

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“Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rules the waves!”

Only losers reminisce about their show & tell days

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Somehow I always had to sit behind him. I remember because he had a constellation of skin tags on his neck. I thought about drawing stars on him; I thought about creating a new galaxy I would rule. I should have been learning math instead. I still can’t

On Writing "How An Autobot Sunk The Titanic" (April Fool's Challenge)

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I started with the idea of a time travelling Autobot but not as a time traveling vehicle, like a Delorian or the Jet Car from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai.

Fingernail Moon (April Fools Day Challenge!)

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I jumped.