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Eye Socket Girls

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Yesterday they brought in the new girl. The one I mentioned. She looks young, maybe sixteen, but it’s hard to tell. Where’s she been hiding I wonder? She’s so wasted away she can’t really stand up. Her skin is blue-green, veins throbbing, screamin

A Theology of Anorexia

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She always told them that she had eaten earlier, that she had had a big lunch, that she wasn't hungry. "Leave me alone," she cried, running from the table to her room. This anger would burst out of her, so sudden and so total in its transformation--from t

Stay By Me (And Make the Moment Last)

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I imagine Gene Simmons licking a twelve year old girl that looks like Erin dressed in a dog collar and leash.


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“You’ve put all my anorexic friends on the table nearest the buffet,” I say. “And all my bulimic friends on the other side of the room away from the buffet and the toilets.”

The Bride was a Corpse

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6% of anorexics die of their disorder, most of sudden heart failure.

Julie Martin

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To describe Julie Martin in those days is to give a resume of prairie truth: her good soul and giving heart were the stunning elements of her beauty. From afar she was a demographic sample like millions of women who, unlike Cassandra, could not afford to

At Twelve (Abridged Edition)

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She has dwindled for the better part of a year, staved off her period, breasts and hips like a warrior. Chestnut strands that danced along candy apple cheeks now surrender to metal pins, her bun severe as an old maid's. Her prominent ears…


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MOSAIC Your eyes coal-rimmed, busted, burned by betrayal. You and I, knee to knuckle, skinny with disorders and blurred around our edges. Challenged by our experience and the ash of past-love dusting the grate, the state, the…

For my lost child

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and where have the years sped how distant was your youth