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Responses to a writing prompt on story structure, filled out moments after learning of my girlfriend's affair

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1. Main character: Promiscuous girlfriend. 2. Main character's goal: Wants to have a lot of sex. 3. Obstacle: Has boyfriend. 4. Character's idea of a solution to the goal: Cheats on boyfriend.

Encounter with Lover's Daughter

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What happens when you accidentally run into your lover's daughter on a plane.


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Do I have grounds for inadequacy?

Ten Reasons

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When she buys a new dress on sale at Macy’s, with a low-cut neckline and a flattering belt that cinches at the waist, and she puts it on and saunters up to her husband, stretched out across the couch reading the newspaper, and asks, “How do I look?” with

Second verse, same as the first

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Most people assume I’m gay, and have assumed I’m gay since I was in fifth grade. Maybe sooner. Maybe fifth grade is just my first memory of recognizing what other people believed true about me. But coming out as a gay man in 1987, when I was in fifth gra


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Howard needed to finish this time. As his marriage slid further down the sinkhole toward divorce, it was important to him that his affair be successful.

Fill Me Up

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She was reluctant to have a baby with him because she knew his genes would trump hers. His brown eye alleles would cover up her recessive blue.

Three Ghosts

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When my jaw aches one morning, he tells me I was grinding my teeth in my sleep and that he kissed my cheek and I stopped. I know the ghost of him wouldn’t possess that kind of tenderness.


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Being married has a distinct advantage...


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My toes curled together under the pathetic rag of a bedsheet, the frost creeping in through the two-inch deformity of the window on the left wall. I was tempted to sneak a glance at them to insure that they weren't black, but then decided that I'd…

I love my husband, Dave.

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She could have decided right then that she couldn’t go on with it anymore, and I heard it.

f**k xmas

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Christmas Eve arrives with a relief that the season of joy will soon be over so I can feel the pain I am denying myself. Rosie presses her face against the kitchen window, leaving ghostlike impressions of the tip of her nose and her lips on the glass tha

The Book Club (the conclusion)

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Why The Plumber thought it was getting hot puzzled Crandall. There was a nice breeze circulating and the air did not feel hot to him. But maybe out west the wind blew harder and the sun was less bright than it was in Kentucky. Maybe people could see their