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“Get ya hands outta there, ya filthy old cunt!” I look up, his distorted face hurling more abuse.

The Dog Catcher

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I looked around the room at the shit, the dog bed, the dish. Lights burst behind my eyes, knees weak. “Fuck…” I bent over and puked.


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No one would have picked me out of a crowd as the morbid one, but it was true that thoughts of easy exits floated through my consciousness regularly. I did my research—the easy methods, painless, guaranteed methods—and felt prepared to do, well, w


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My toes curled together under the pathetic rag of a bedsheet, the frost creeping in through the two-inch deformity of the window on the left wall. I was tempted to sneak a glance at them to insure that they weren't black, but then decided that I'd…

500 Years and Back

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Steven will probably quit when he gets to the new office. He’ll probably never even make it all the way there. Instead, he’ll leave a Steven-shaped hole in the side of the building that maintenance will never get around to patching up.

Eyes that Said Don't Leave Me Here

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Two friends follow the train tracks by their neighborhood.


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the only safe place for him was anywhere he and Barkley could huddle,

The Night She Took Her Dignity Back

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She had endured three years of abuse for those hot, fleeting moments of tenderness—just enough warmth to keep her second-guessing the bitter frost. Now the ring promised a lifetime of biting back her pain.

Marie - the Waif

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Just let anyone else lay a finger on me or say the wrong thing when Victor is around... He is very protective. I am only to be beaten by him.

Black Eyes, Blue Tears, and Dark Thoughts

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At five a family relative took my life away from me and no one cared

John Brigham's Dog

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Every day from my window I saw John Brigham's dog making its way across my field. The dog picked carefully through the shorn corn stubble taking the same route, I'm guessing, it took when the stalks made a shaded rustling forest. There is a narrow path…

Spirit Voices Saying Yes

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some are cameras, some are daggers, some are sauces pans, others are swords, and some will run off and others will burn a hole into the spot which they land.

Unintentional Hermits- Double Exposure

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She wanted her out, she just wanted to throw her out into the dark cold night.Why was she standing so close?The daughter could sense the mother's close proximity, she could feel the bottom edge of the newspaper scratching her skin through the silk blouse her mother had…

Message in a Bottle

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She eventually learned everyone had their own truth, and some of them were not true at all.

Sarah the Witch

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Secretly she suspected she was really a witch. She didn't have green skin or scraggly black hair, and certainly no flying monkeys. Maybe those came over time, the more bad things you did, the more ugly you became until all the world could see how horrible