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It's True What They Say

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Pa grasps my fingers, odd because he's never held my hand and he's dead ten years anyway.


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Gleaming, swiveling, the carp arced on the end of his hand-tied line. It was majestic, as city fish go, weighty and sleek.

Dubai on Ice

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When I see the ice hotel in the middle of the desert my eyes melt into nothing. . Oil money. Men die for it so that other men can showcase their plastic wives. Men in black suits and white robes tell me where to lay the…

Mister Fix-It

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Lined up like ghosts on the front lawn, the second-hand porcelain fixtures had embarrassed her.

The Way It Is

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She felt something in her backside crack...

Bearing Witness

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I hold them to the light...

Life is in the Right Always

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He hated facing backwards for the ride into town. He found no pleasure in reviewing where he’d been.

Cheap and Convenient

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Later, when she said she'd had miscarriages, I should have put it all together.

17 Days

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Sometimes, under the gauze and yellow salves, I glimpse you...


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So why do we fight all the time?


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what world is this?

Tainted Love

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...skinny love, skinned and thinned weak broth love...


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Max buys Animal Crackers by the carton-load from E-bay.

Cold Front

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On the eastern border of Siberia they say nothing grows.

Unintended Consequences

11001100 views2121 comments1212 favs pile into your Mercury and barrel down the street, the air smells like sea, the night goes forever...