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Damn Headache

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Less than 5 seconds...

Flying to the Moon

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...galaxies burst into an infinite slide-show of the absolute... god?

Little Shut-Eye

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...with all those stab wounds no way I'm betting on her odds...

Can't Wait

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...I am so out of this numbfuck place, this tired valley...

Busy at Work

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It's hell working here in Jersey with that pervert Twitchy...


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You hear the thrum of blowflies first...

Statistics (or: Walking to Work through Lexington Market)

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I avert my gaze to the crab grass pushing through broken concrete, the spent condoms, the empty vodka nips rolling at her stockinged feet...

Third Time's the Charm

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No jobs except drinking...

Simply Rivalry

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He picks the Chevy so I naturally get a Ford. He loves Italian and I develop an allergic reaction to tomatoes.

Anything Again

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...she lifts one shell, sips a little, then swallows the creature whole.

I Should Not Have Rushed You Through The Rain

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Mist falls from the opaque sky and splatters crystals in your hair...

At the Gate of Gehenna

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I feel watched by an unknowable jailer.

Water Heart

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The wind whispers to the Tigris River. I talk to the water because I am shy to God. Birds gather seed. Tigers devour prey. Hyenas lick up the scraps of God. I sit in the dark and worry. I watch death rise like heated…

Wolves and Butterflies

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But I do not dig graves, only cradles...

Rules for Surviving Eighth Grade

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Never water down the bottle...