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And We Are Laid To Waste

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August 14 I remember the smell of fresh air. The feeling of clean air in your lungs. I haven't had that feeling in quite some time now. I guess few people have.


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I’m told it hurts. It hurts more than anyone ever thought it would. Every light in the room blinds you. Every sound in the room deafens you. The pain is excruciating as muscles and nerves that aren’t meant to work anymore are forced back to life i

Why'd You Come Back?

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But there, up the street, just coming into the corner of the window, someone was in the middle of the road. Walking literally down the middle, dragging one leg like it was heavy or broken, carving a fat line next to the skinny one the good one made.

Dear Zombie William Carlos Williams,

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If you wanted to retain the ownership of said works, then you should not have died.

Zom Prom Mom

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We fucked in the backseat like the verse of a b-side, and that was enough to make him think my boys were half of his body.

The Long Unhappy Resurrection of Mr. Jankiel Jameson

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Alive! he thinks. A miracle! I’m alive!

Gabbie Zombie

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And it whispered like any wood. And the blade moaned when he got too deep and tried to cut too much. And as the dead parts of him came off, in tendrils and dust, the man's chest began to move, like the hands around his heart had let go.

The Second Soliloquy of the Interior Zombie

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I haunt decrepit bars and pawnshops, cash my checks at CashAmericas,

HarmonyX: Post 1

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Every time she tried to wipe the horror images out of her mind they only etched themselves deeper into her consciousness. The slain human blood left a bitter-sweet sickness at the back of her throat.

Just a Bit

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She thought he was biting her at night. Not a vampire bite, those two dots on the neck. A bite on her calf.

The Zombie Dash

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I looked around at the others who would be eaten in my place. Runners around me with so many different body types. Imagine if someone really wanted to feed off their flesh right about now? It almost made me drool. Sports bras left exposed flesh and limb

Corporate Zombie Voodoo The rantings of a middle aged male against the corporate culture of America

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This seems to be what happens to the Corporate Zombie Cowboys. They get eaten by their own Zombie Kings. The hardest part is I can see them coming, I am on the menu, and I cannot avoid them.

Rinky-Dink First Kiss -rev4

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If you've never seen a cow grazing through a fence, stretching for what's just out of reach, that was me and Susie. Sort of. Her mouthful of braces and dental rubber bands; our barbed-wire fence.

Zombies to Mars

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Perseid meteors fly past their ship like cosmic fire-wasps.