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Fragment of an Early Novel of the 21st Century

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But, as his mind twisted like a square peg beating a hole into a round mallet, he sensed it had something to do with penguins. Not that he knew anything about penguins, at that point in time. That would come later, in his days, after this history, where h

Out The Unloved, We Rise

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Of sleep my being anaclisis I wish you Knew the sultry, sunlit redwoods I soar through sometimes…

Fringe Element

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In order to be a catalyst for catharsis — which is just a fancy way of saying agent of change — you have to be willing to condition yourself into something partially inhuman. Only something on the very outskirts of humanity…


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a question that (never) left


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He was not supposed to leave handcuffs or a butt plug laying around.


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When the sky was thinner and water faster, we would chase the falling stars.

Castor and Pollux

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Over the stained fence the spectres flew and that is where the rain was turning colder and colder in the time when the trees had become mostly bare.

Cider Spake, BÄÄ!

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no matter how many drunks I spoke to, no matter how many strangers I tried my new theories on, no matter how many of my, currently distant friends I out-witted and educated with my revelatory nuggets of wisdom, I still see no sign of impact on the evening

Just When I Thought

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Somewhere in the belly of the beast something was stirring.

I'm Done.

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Just another day The rain came from above Wishing I was far away To realize it's just love The echoing heartaches shatter these walls Breaking down the corridors of this lie I know I'm not the only one she calls There's no reason for me…


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The Americans don't want us. They want knowledge. They want to eat with us. They want technology and weapons. They want the results of research they themselves are too craven to perform, answers to questions they ask themselves in whispers, in the dark. T

Master of Puppets

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“There’s enough food to last here a week.” Ferdinand assured, as a dingy wooden cabin came into view. They were on foot now. He’d insisted on forcing the car into a ravine, using a heavy rock and the last of the gasoline to drive it into a heap of rusted


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His voice isn't familiar but his words are. He says he knows we haven't spoken in years and apologizes for it. I can hear him pacing on the other end of the line, tapping things and then a shriek of glass shattering. Really, I tell him, no need to…