Just When I Thought

by Judith A. Lawrence

Just when I thought America had gone to sleep,

apathy brought to its lowest denominator,

shrugged shoulders sighing in resignation,

What is there to do?


Somewhere in the belly of the beast

something was stirring.

Was it the lack of jobs,

loss of homes,

the hunger in their bellies,

time on their hands

feeding the anger?


Or was it

the final straw,

the fat cats sneering at the drones

who put them there,

packing up their money bags,

moving corporations to far off shores

to drain yet another mass of drones

with even less to invest in their dreams,

and more hours of sweat demanded.


For me it does not matter now

what woke America up,

or even the litany of their demands.

You can ask for everything

when nothing anymore

is taken for granted.