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Just When I Thought

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Somewhere in the belly of the beast something was stirring.

Your Cipro Is A Total Scream

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Like I said wistful water falls with quacking ducks, noogie knuckle rub; Carol Burnett mussels from an X ray in the shell.


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In her blanched beauty, seated in a silver deck chair, with complacent socialist ways

Elegy for the Zuccotti Republic

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Wyatt and Rosie sat on the front steps of the building. He grumbled as he flipped through the pages of the newspaper, and then spat on the sidewalk. “Wyatt!” Rosie said sharply, “Knock it off. That's disgusting and unhealthy!” “ I can't…

The New World Act

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It was said that in order to decrease population— and thus poverty, crime and the growing uneducated workforce in Etherage, New World— they needed to limit, if not abolish, the Social Reform Act of 2013 that provided government assistance and aid to famil

A political parable

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One of these days we aren’t going to believe whatever they tell us.

Often I think on who pulls the strings,

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In a plush leather chair, / high up a shiny skyscraper,

The Avenues Of Occupation And Other Short Stories

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A vanishing of something we never got to see. All we've been left with are impressions, imaginings