DonJuan Writer

Location sweden
Occupation film maker trapped in a postman's body

About Me

Been exploring writing for 15 years and SL has helped me to combine it with a performing streak

Why do you write?

Have been wanting to be involved with the film industry for years. I was working in post-production in London for sometime until RL issues and a back injury called the need for serious re-evaluation. It is still films for me but my pull towards literature has made my re-entry to the industry a little more rocky than the first time

Any favorite authors? Books?

Love George Orwell's other books :) And his essays. The screenwriter David Mamet. Carlos Casteneda's books (where the "DonJuan" of my name came from)

DonJuan Writer's Wall

Darryl Price – Dec 30, 2009

Make that a double! Welcome aboard!

Finnegan Flawnt – Dec 30, 2009

hullo! make sure you join the group "second tongue" if you have anything swedish in your life as i seem to remember you do...but are a brit for sure. loved your rendering of santa lucia yesterday!

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