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2010, what I wanted

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I was once told that envy is the sin of the young and ignorant, that when a person adopts a more worldly view, it fades—after all, we never really know what lurks in another’s lawn

1946, What I wanted..

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I wanted to sit in class in Iowa next to Flannery as she recited that first story that stopped the world with an accent so dense with dogwood we had to strain to collect every word.

1962, What I wanted

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1962, What I wanted was a Levittowner rancher like my best friend had,

"In The Beginning," What I wanted (aka…Adam & Eve Trade Faves)

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Snake stuck his little forked tongue out at me and it was then I realized that Eve and I had some serious problems to work out.

1985...What I wanted

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with cool confidence and believable body language

1975, What I Wanted

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He was Machiavelli with a tail . . .

1998, What I Wanted

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What I wanted was long-in-the-sheets sex...

1935 What I Wanted

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What I wanted in 1981

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i stained his hockey sheets right over the red wings

What I wanted 1976

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turn my Dorothy Hamill into a golden shadow

2011, what I wanted

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What I wanted was peace of mind. I wanted memorabilia in a way that I never thought I would because I was a woman who didn't need things to define her. I kept things simple, to a minimum. But the absence of things, when they are taken, is never simple. I wanted to say this…