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waking mid-motion derailed mis-seeing twisted tree trunks for drunken suited men with washcloth faces wiping off the wasted nightscape of midnight misplaced before a caked men's room mirror wipe saliva thickened glass last night's travels grime not to see…

That train

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That train's been murdering my time, a thoughtless crime although I've been waiting for it with all my mind. “That girl's been giving me her heart though I didn't want it,” the hunter confessed his almost crime. Her lips were chapped, …

Concubine on the Ginza Line

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so I tighten hands with my castaway and say/you failed to impress in your folded peacock dress

The Last-Ever Train

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"There is, he sees, a large black hole in the center of the window, a vortex toward which the last-ever train now races..."


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I grabbed the overhead rail, flexing my biceps and easing my pelvis in his direction.

Cattle – station – church - meadows

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It may be her destination, but was it also her destiny? In a desperate wave of inspiration, she decided to let fate take its course.


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“I can’t believe you went ahead and got pregnant without me,” I said.


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No chance for Hallo, we sank into an unlit station doorway and he fumbled through my shorts.

The Moral of This Story Is

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Always take the train.


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Five girls wobble into the train car. Their blistered feet protrude from the bedazzled straps of their sandals. Conductor: “Girls in the back with the open containers, you can't have those on the train.” A heavy-set girl in a belted yellow mini-dress…

Gandy Dancer

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pure as church bells swept out to sea, drowned

Hohner For The Brakeman

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... revision only made it worse

Wrestling with Genetics

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I know he's an accident waiting to happen.


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Scenery passed by. Trees and grass and whatnot…

The Amazing Cobzaru of Henderson Nevada

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slack jawed as coon skin crossing guards with chattering teeth saw the unspeakable.