Samantha Hosea

Location the Netherlands
Website http://

About Me

Writing comes in waves. The best stories come after waking up and with a still sleepy head grabbing a pencil and letting the words flow. I write stories, music, lyrics but no shopping lists.
Mostly I feel good writing fantasy, but lately other things also occur. I want to make the world a better place by smiling to the anonymous person on the street and have faith in my own luck and happiness. I like folding stars.
I'm starting up my own thing. Will be something with usability, people with a mental impairment or both. I tweet. Follow @very_littlegirl and let me know what you think of my writing.
I also published lots of my old stories on Elfwood:
And I like working together with people on stories.

Why do you write?

I write because I want to. Sometimes I don't have to for a long period of time, but when the time is right I pick up those words and play with them. That is what I love about writing, finding the right words and putting them together in a meaningful and beautiful way. I can fall in love with a sentence. I can fall in love with a word. And I like using those things I fall in love with.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I alternate between reading fantasy books and non-fantasy books. My perfect book combines a good storyline with an exciting story and plot and a very beautiful style. If all these things are present, I'm extremely happy. In fantasy, Robin Hobb does this, and so does Fiona MacIntosh. I also like reading personal stories of people with disorders.

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