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Welcome to Space Island

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He was still dozing when his father yelled out in joy at seeing the faded sign, complete with a cartoon rocket ship flying through the starry blue sky. It read "Welcome to Space Island! Home of the first monkeys in outer space!"

Form vs. Content

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Pull an island inside out and it's a bucket--


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The rocket shone in the distance. Cape Canaveral had never looked so pretty.


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After going to the garage and moving at least 4000 boxes of junk we found the coat rack. We wrestled it up the stairs to my room. I wasn't much help, but Dad was cool about it. I think he was just happy I liked the suit.

Wounded Knee

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“They picked me up in their spaceship about noon,” Austin Grantham says to me while pulling up an apple crate to use as a stool.

High Jinks

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“Gorgonzolla!” The remnant croaked, his eyes wild as he thrust an open hand in Jaffron's direction. A burst of energy tilted Jaffron's pod on its axis and sent it hurtling backwards...

Star Crossed Anglers

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“Got a big one boy! He's movin' real fast! Don't think he has had time to eat the bait just yet, so we need to play him out. Let the hook set. Don't want to loose him! Get the net ready!”

Around a Sun Named Inferno

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The stupid suit made me look like an angel, which I hated. I wasn't here to save anyone's soul, not that any of the native animal life HAD a soul. If I have a soul myself, it is most likely in need of salvation, and in no way should I be cast in the rol


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the moon is the pupil of the cave’s eye


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It's hard not to sound dramatic when you begin a letter "On Earth..."

A Poem for Chris Toll

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we all die from the bottom up

The long road

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He strapped the Genghis Khan style helmet to his head. The storm had stopped, leaving in its long wake a path of water logged trees, their leaves giant green sponges with raindrops that dripped through cotton candy fog. The new mound of earth, cold grass disturbed. He…

Downloaded Cheats

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You are my intergalactic princess / The most beautiful in twelve systems

Making Time

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Sleep left him like a fragmenting illusion. Suddenly, he was awake, like something pressing but fleeting had awoken him. Once awake, though, all he had was silence and stillness. His pulse quickened, his…

Driving Home at Midnight

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Driving home at midnight, on a night so dark, so wild. Headlights can't pierce the gateway to oblivion. Moon and stars peek out through storm clouds. A black hole in the dead of night, swallows all light back into itself. The same late night DJ on two different…