by Daniel Rubenstein

After Dad dropped the suit on the floor he spent an hour telling me tales of the moon landing, some guy named Buzz, and some other guy named Apollo. Then he mentioned something about the Russians, and economy and cold wars. Probably seeing that my eyes had glassed over, he sighed, looked at the ceiling, turned and walked downstairs. All of that talking must of made him hungry.

I turned back to the Nintendo and quickly tried forget everything Dad just said to me. After a few hours of playing, I decided I would run out and see what Jimmy was doing. I saved the game, jumped up, and ran towards the door.


"Ouch! Forgot that was there!"

I had fallen over the space suit. Face first. I could of swore dad had dropped it over by my bed. Having a space suit is cool. Having it sit in front of your door. Lame. I ran down to the garage, remembering that dad had put an old coat rack in there. I think he got it from Grandma's house. I knew it was old, but I was sure it would hold up that suit.

Running through the kitchen to the garage I saw my dad sitting there, quietly staring out the window.  Lost in his own world.

"Tanner! Where are you going so fast?"




"Tanner! Slow down buddy, I can barely understand you."

"Sorry Dad..."

"Its ok, start over, from the beginning."

"Well I was going to go play with Jimmy but on my way out of the room, I fell over that space suit you bought, then I decided that having it sit on the floor was lame, so I remembered that coat rack you got from Grandma's. You know the really old one?"

"Really old one?"

"Yeah it's from 1985 or something."

For some reason Dad just shook his head at that one.

  He said "C'mon son, I'll help you get it"

 After going to the garage and moving at least 4000 boxes of junk we found the coat rack. We wrestled it up the stairs to my room. I wasn't much help, but Dad was cool about it. I think he was just happy I liked the suit.

 Dad lifted the suit up and hung it on the lowest hook on the rack. The suit was bigger than I thought. I only came up to about the chest. Dad was marveling at it, but it didn't feel right to me. Then it hit me. I ran for the closet and started digging.

"Where is it? I know it is in here"

"What?! What are you looking for" Dad mumbled. Well at least it sounded like a mumble. I was waste deep in closet stuff.

"Aha! Found it!"

"What?! What did you find Tanner?" Dad was getting a little agitated now.

"Just wait Dad, you'll see."

Walking up to the suit I put the lightsaber it its hand. Walking back towards my Dad, I hooked the other lightsaber on my belt. I walked back to Dad and turned to look at the suit. Dad put his arm around my shoulders. He was smiling. Bigger than I have seen in a long time.

"You like Dad?" I asked.

"Perfect, son. It's perfect."