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Tale of Another Country

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At twelve, I had begun to think about death as a possibility of life.


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I know who done it. Them goddamn taters. I walked around the yard and started picking up pieces of the camaro, wondering if, from above, they’d laid the parts out into some kinda cult symbols or something.

The Anorectic's Feast

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I was not a very emblematic child. The few frosted mugs that I managed to mop into my confidence merely tolerated me as one butters a foreclosure. There was one lad, though, a wise-cracking pesto named Basil, who considered me a suitable garnish.

Miss Coney Island

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My mother was a nickel and dime beauty queen. Miss Coney Island of 1940—August 1940, that is.


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(In English: “Ignite!”) Pea jams a match under the burner. He holds on until the flame licks his nail. A cook's fingers. He feels nothing! Left hand: one spoon of oil into the wok. Two spoons (“For health,” he whispers in Thai). The sheen catches the noon

The Syncopated Clock

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I must prepare for my appointment. I haven’t much time to prepare for my appointment. Hardly any time. Less than five hours. Less than five hours to prepare for my important appointment. Hardly any time.

Lines with Billie Holiday

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It is almost as if there isn’t a wedge of wood between us – I can feel him inches away from me. I can’t control the sigh or the tears that escape my body.

Mr. Renoir, You Paint a Lovely Picture

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The time: it's the 1970s. The place: Shelley's, an unpretentious little nightclub in the borough of Queens. This is where Renoir the Impressionist works four nights a week...

The Vanes of Foxes

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If you are a fox then I am also a fox.

Arcana Magi Fifth World - Part 1

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As the four flew beside each other, they shared their stories and got to know one another. Soon they learned from the voice what was happening.


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Novelette’s siblings, who were quickly becoming rich and famous, made fun of their little brother. “Your books are too little,” they told him. “Nobody wants to read little books. What people want is a good read.”

Arcana Magi Fifth World - Part 2

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Miranda hugged Madam Mayweather as the girls, except Akane, gathered around them.

Happy Meal

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The girl loved the car for all the reasons her mother didn’t.

The Man in Mama's Bedroom

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Mr. Przybylinski lives in the bedroom with Mama. Mama says this is only temporary, but Mr. Przybylinski has been living there for over a year. Mr. Przybylinski is old and smells bad.

Oklahoma, 1944: Howard Hughes Spends the Night in Jail

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There's a drain in the floor.