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Jigsaw Magic

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Bonnie envied all of those people who instantly forgot their horrible traumas: Jessica Lynch, the Central Park jogger. Their own brains rescued them. Bonnie's brain was not so generous.

Full Tilt Boogie

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Your tongue is enlarging... wait, it’s growing hair. No, wait, it’s planarian flatworms, an earthy taste oozing down your throat. A terrible itching spreads from your solar plexus, under your skin everywhere. You know if you scratch even once, you won

The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl (Excerpt)

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“Can I?” Lily asked. I gave her a nod. She tore at the package with greedy fingers. As the paper fell away to reveal yet another self-help volume, Lily cocked her head in a gesture of confusion and curiosity. Following her gaze to the lipstick-red


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Seven black and orange Tortoise-shell kittens nursed in a crate the day Sue returned from rehab, to her parent's Atlanta home.

A Rat Enters

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It sees the way they stumble to the bedroom after brushing their teeth.

The New Me

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It was Saturday night and I'd spent all afternoon gloating at a meeting about how well my recovery was going. Now all I wanted was someone to hump. It was sad, but that's what it came down to. It was an improvement from the time when I would have gone…

virtual recovery

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take a nap take a shower write something terrible post it anyway


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Man, I'm not feeling so happy anymore. I tried to tackle my money but it slipped past me and ran out the door. I don't have a clue what to do. I'm hungry and I can't be worrying about you while both of us are trying to snag the same pair of…

My Body has a Mind of it's Own

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The more my mind forgot, the harder my body remembered.

Gray Feline Beauty

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Her gray sinewy body is Michelangelo's Panther....

Pine Siskin

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The forest is still there.

You're Breathing My Relapse

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I was an alcoholic for ten years, starting in my early twenties and continuing into my thirties. Then finally, after many attempts, I got myself straightened out. My son's birth finally did it for me. It wasn't like a switch flipped in the delivery room…

The Understanding

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The young boy picks up a coin that has rolled to his feet. It is warm, too warm considering the cold air streaming around him.