Rich Haber

Location Reno, NV
Occupation Renegade

About Me

Boomer born in Brooklyn, white-measured IQ 164, childhood self-esteem ripped off by mother, trust no one but hot loving women.

Why do you write?

fantastic writing fuels itself. i write because that's what writers do. stupid question.

Any favorite authors? Books?

grace paley(The Little Disturbances of Man), marcel proust(Swann's Way), khalil gibran(The Prophet), jack kerouac(On the Road), piers anthony(Double Exposure), hermann hesse (Siddhartha), donald barthelme(fuckin everything)

Rich Haber's Wall

Foster Trecost – Oct 14, 2012

Hi Rich, wanted to thank you properly for reading my micros. I'm glad you posted Whistle Stop, I really enjoyed it. And thanks for reading A Life Twice Told, too. Appreciate the time and comments. fos.

Ann Bogle – Apr 29, 2012

Hey, Rich! Your name just appeared on the page one newsfeed. You're here!

Larry Strattner – Dec 14, 2009

You may be gone by now - like so many who pass through - but I just made the correction you asked about (about which you were spot on) to my Bentley Squeamish story. (My white-measured IQ is 61 and I didn't even get my Deer this year.)
Belated thanks, LS

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