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Calm in the Clearing

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Over time, years and years of time, I learned to feel safe in my thoughts, with my own words.

On First Hearing Himself Read His Poem Aloud

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In his inexpert mouth they drone/ mechanically along without the lilt/ or cadence of an Irishman/ or Englishman or German.

The Poet Reads

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If ever I read a poem aloud It will not be from a podium’s shelter

Penultimate Tuesday

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Experts agree. Creative types must dislocate the judging part of the brain to unleash the Zeitgeist of imaginal cells. Touché!


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In every word there is both music and history. Music from the way sounds come into union with each other, and history in how they get there. There is form too, sure, but I am not a calligrapher. I'm a scribbler if anything. And so my sentences look mo

Imagining the Reading as Effacement

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What the spaces say// can be heard in the short/ and longer silences


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["Dick Cheney's in a thong bikini, dancing through your mind, right now ... Dick Cheney's in a thong bikini, dancing through your mind, right now ... Dick Cheney's in—"]

My Relationship With Reading

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What if I said;I never liked actually reading - the black words on white paper straining my eyes flying through my mind forming sentences I struggle to make sense of before the next Capital Letter arrives before I eventually slam the book shut veins in my brain…

Third World Problems: On Breaking My Kindle in Africa

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I blame the fucking mosquito net.

My Relationship With Reading

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What if I said; I never liked actually reading?

Guided reading

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You were

What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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In his heyday, Burt Reynolds owned $100,000 worth of custom-made toupees.

What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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At least ten people have been shot by their dogs since 2004, usually in hunting accidents. (AARP Bulletin, January February 2016)If somebody phones you claiming to be with the IRS, it's a scam. The real IRS will only open communications with a taxpayer via the U.S.…

The Reading

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the few dissenting// dismissals among the grad school clusters,/ the hasty exit of the undergraduates,

Carpe Diem

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And as you try to read, he appears. No, not in front of you, but somewhere just behind your eyes. You hear the sound at the end of an argument, just before the kiss; you see a shirt fall to the ground in late summer; you watch him read as his mouth