What I Learned From Magazines This Week

by Roz Warren

The average American looks at their phone 46 times each day. 
(Time, 12/21/15) 

In his heyday, Burt Reynolds owned $100,000 worth of custom-made toupees.
(Vanity Fair, 12/15) 

One percent of babies worldwide are born with autism. 
(Time, 12/28/15) 

95% of  supercenterians - people who live longer than 110 years -- are women.
(Prevention, 11/15) 

Having an episode of intense anger is associated with an 8.5 times greater likelihood of having a heart attack in the next two hours.
(Time, 12/28/15)  

The cost of cremation in the U.S. averages between $700 and $1,200; an in-ground burial costs around $7,000.
(The New Yorker, 11/30/15)

Japan has “corpse hotels” which allow families with apartments too tiny for a home funeral to participate in the ritual preparation of a body.
(The New Yorker, 11/30/15)

The first thing Larry King reads every morning is the obits. 
(NYT Magazine 08/30/15) 

Leonard Nimoy's last Tweet before he died was LLAP (Live long and prosper.)
(Time, 12/21/15)