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“You're right by the mall, the cultural district, and just a few minutes from downtown,” the realtor smiled. “And it's on a bus line?” the wife asked. “Yes it…

A lie must not advertise itself.

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Dreaming a word I woke: Encomium? There was no one about and I looked. Maybe I was grateful for waking from sleep again or just from sleep. A fool's freedom. Both. All. Time now looked like a door. But behaved like a vacuum. Still the consequences were the …

Three Bedrooms in New Jersey

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After my father moved in with his girlfriend, my mother sold the split-level and rented a two-bedroom in an apartment complex rife with divorced mothers and the under-employed.

There’s Just This

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Coupling—why did I say that? Who says that? I mean the clacking together of bones, the willful splitting of fine and tender skin.


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every timeyou openyour mouthan angel fallsinto a vat of whiskyshut ityou're fucking up heaven2013 - Rene


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i’m trying to remember don’t all the best apples happen in September?

lime shed

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purely fun, humane, scientific, old time religious experimentation

Time Travel

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I don't care for those shoulder pads, Jennifer.

Junior League Therapy

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She laughed as she stuck up the word flaccid, it kept falling down


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Good kid. Awesome job in big cities. Travels a lot. Enjoys Martinis and G&T. She's a romantic. Spends her time online trolling people into submission. Likes softcore porn. Sets cats on fire. Collects stamps.


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Since high school. It'd been that long. Donald had shared five classes with Julia—or was it six? If home-ec counted, then it was six. It was the same period, but they were never together because the classes were split with boys and girls—and were each voted Most…


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I usually idle by Spades Check Cashing on 8th Ave. and catch folks that way. The Homestead cops, they moved stations from a little up Amity to down on 7th, which is closer to Spades, but they leave me alone. I've drove jitneys almost ten years. Only been cited twice,…


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What I did I wouldn't call criminal, just stupid. Even my judge, after so many court appointments, didn't understand what had happened. And there's a reason I got out on illegal sentencing but, either way, I paid the better part of a year for it all. I don't want to tell…

That's all, folks...

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I’m supposed to be writing poems but it’s Saturday morning and I’m watching cartoons.

#53 Cut Up

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I loved her when she first came calling in the sodden dawn of spring. She was a strange and dangerous flower. Together we drank up all the money. The days staggered away like drunks lurching down a flophouse hall.