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Spiritual Barbecue

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I got nothin' to help me out. No whiskey. No beer. No pet. Just a wife sittin' in the backyard like a tickin' time bomb.

Anxieties of Absence

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On beach trips with our families, there were bumper cars, jet skis; flash enjoyments, beach-themed distractions.


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What do I understand? What have I mastered or come to terms with?


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All I know about the futureis that every one alwaysgets to exactly where they are.

Dear Wigleaf

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I want nothing, he says.


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said you loved me told some jokes aren’t you dying?

things to know about the people parked along the road that runs through Humboldt Park: part 1

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It was as if every wrong foisted upon his ancestors stirred up a war in him and he was charged with intending the canon at the living.


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I’m no expert, but to me it looked human.

Factory Worker

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Hits start, enters numbers, runs the program / Does this again one hundred times / Then takes a break


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423 days. The old man still possessed the child-like habit of biting his lower lip when he wrote. The thick skin as dry as pork rind. He recorded the days without rain in a spare, makeshift almanac. The pages waxened from the soiled press of his hand

things to know about the people parked along the road that runs through Humboldt Park: part 20

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I traced the vein that rose in her temple when she got angry all the way along her body until it ashed out varicosely on her smooth calf.

Orpheus Today

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It is only seven-thirty but the night is full, gloom seizing Highway 66. There is a carcass on the road, maybe a human, slumped next to an empty ice cream truck. Several stars hang up in the East, drunken constellations scrambling to find meaning.

An Occupy Trifecta

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We have the power of the ordinary on our side.

Empty is the House of Death

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Empty is The House of Death Once there was a world where the dead stayed dead (at least for the most part), and the living remained in that transient state…

A poetic response

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I saw this great video, but thought the argument had holes: