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They’re friends, him and Sissy and Raul, you know, and live upstairs from Asa and he went up there. He kept texting me saying, B here all night, follow u 2 airport. Yelled down through the floor. Real crazy shit.

An UnAmerican Love Story

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The old man who reported her also cannot read or write. But he swears it was Fakhriya. Or Faranazh. Or Firouzeh. It must have been. Maybe even that hag Hadeel, he has claimed. She is the sharp-tongued widow that he despises and has long suspected of a sec


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Jesus died in diapers


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snake gags on tail

happy horseflies

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I repeatedly smashed the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

arrow head

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Golden arrows that used to point forward, left or right, spin directionless on what used to be empty white walls.

Schizoid Love Story

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As she stood outside, puffing on a cigarette in the wet air, she still couldn't recall his name.

Words Mixed With The Stench of Rotting Flowers

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His flesh was the gray of Swiss lakes, but he might animate any time now and simplify everything.

A Man With Pain Behind His Teeth

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He coughed, tongue worrying the now-bare spot with relentless fascination even as he attended to the other side, extracting one half-inch at a time a metal rosary, the beads popping from his gums like so many baby teeth lost long ago.


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At last one of the men on the line bowed his head in a silent prayer for deliverance from what was about to come, then lifted his head and shouted loudly for his fellows to charge.

Times Remembered

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Delightful days spent at the beach. Children building castles; as parents watched waves glistening under the afternoon sunlight. Sanderlings running with beaks down, hoping for a tasty morsel through the ebb and flow of tides. As time went by, briefcases,…

Rain Turtle

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The first thing Vera did after her dismissal from the mortuary was buy a pack of cigarettes.

A Tiny Love Story, Told in Triplicate

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I think we were supposed to run away with each other long before this. There was that night on the motorcycle, the loud buzzing engine that cracked through the air heavy with rain threat, as we took the backroads and their curves too fast in a rush to get

Black Children Learn Derivatives

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The white faces of the train look up in an attempt to satisfy presumption, smoothing out any interest into glassy eyed gestures toward looking but lacking the very important quality of sight.

Dinner With The Family

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...the sound of heavy breathing pervaded the living room, and the usual set of commercials was replaced by the grainy, black-and-white image of a man who floundered like a twitching worm across...