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Nature vs. Machine

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I allow myself to contemplate the peace in my life.


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It was a phone call we never expected. You were so full of life and joy and the sound of your laugh was pierced in our minds. Two strokes. That's what they said. No explanation, no back story. We worried we would lose you. Immediately, all of our memories with you started…

taking work home with you

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the sound of ashes/ being poured in the kitchen

Marks in the Sand (Poetry-Rhythm)

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I am only ever What you seem to be Without the leverage Of sweet reality


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We were careful not to wake the kids & goodbye with a handshake & my skeleton is trapped with your universe inside.

Beasts of the Talent Show

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Finally my daughter emerges from behind the silver curtain, riding piggy-back on a gigantic proboscis monkey. She's preoccupied by his nose, and wrings it like a wet dishrag with both hands. If it hurts he's not showing it.

Lessons from Survivors

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You cannot go back, you cannot go home, you cannot cannot cannot…Only in memory is it possible to travel back in time. We all imagine it. We relive happy moments, sad moments, we exist, time exists and it passes. We cannot stop it.

Foreplay For Pacifists

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I tell you that wasn’t even on my mind, but move out of an inverted tree pose and wrap both my legs around you, girlfriend style.

Don't Trip On My Exit Switch

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It’s nice, but, it’s weird not being in love, or maybe in love, sometimes in love. (Or, not in love. Frankly, we might be not in love.) Or, both of us might be. Or, only one of us might be. (Good lord, I hope it’s never me.)

Strange Times

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From my place, down here amongst the earth, we have many names for you.

Downward Facing God

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Argus was on to me from the moment I unrolled my mat. He knew damn well I was in the wrong room, but he turned blind eyes.

dawn calvary

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collar of stars pale blue

You, me, now, then

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If I seemed disappointed after our conversation, then, for the record, that was never the case.