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north of paris

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Hopefully I will have a boy, and I will name him James.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

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A woman is fishing in the Seine at the far left of the painting, while time is suspended and light remains. One man plays a trumpet. A half dozen people sit or walk under parasols. Couples stroll and children run or sit or stand beside their par

Qalb elouz

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The sweetness turns your tongue inside out, and the texture of the cake on your inside-out tongue makes you feel all at once like you're in love, and like you're a child again.

The Burning of Deyrolle or Losing Hugh

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Deyrolle, established by the granddaughter of Jean–Babtiste Deyrolle, to house his scientific debris became a Paris fixture. A museum masquerading as a store and when casually mentioned in HG or when it was discovered that David Sedaris was an aficionado

When I Uninvited my Father to Paris

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Even though my father died when my children were young, they know exactly who their Grandpa is. He is the me I swore never to be.

A Paris Stop

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Outside a cafe in Paris a discarded bicycle leans against a street lamp. Years ago a man cycling home from work stopped for a coffee and there, by chance, met the love of his life.Under gray skies, the awning dripped a single wet chill down my collar. We had…

Hidden Things

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Reenie had always wanted to see Paris. In her dreams at night, she walked the old streets of the city, dressed up in floaty clothes, the smell of French perfume on the air. She told us that French perfume was just how Heaven smelt. But instead of Paris she had…

An Uncertain Age -- Chapter One

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Where was my real soul mate, I wanted to know, and why were there no twitchy children on my lap, and how had I been so dumb to believe that beauty's currency would never run out? So, Paris....

George, Love, Shakespeare and Company

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"Love, against the dying of the light." (An unusual story about George Whitman, former owner of the revered & beloved Shakespeare & Company bookstore in Paris, France.)

Book on Books

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After 44 years I still don't know what it was about me George Whitman didn't like, if anything.

Lime Grove in the Snow

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Up ahead I saw clusters of people standing silently under the trees. They seemed to be just waiting there. More than 100 people lined up in the cold and dark, not moving.

Igniting the Forest.

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It wasn't raining, and I wasn't in Paris. The moon wasn't out, and I couldn't see the city lights. It was a sunny Saturday, not too hot but hot enough, and I wondered if my bike would fall over …

Sunday Afternoon, Chez Ammad's

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And then the fists were flying and because the bar is so damn small, the bar stools fell over, and the tables caught them, and the drinks fell to the floor and the two men grappled, half in the bar, half on the street.

In Paris, The Sweltering

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Then dared each other to travel Much further

Margaret & Beak Discuss Jazz for The Last Time

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He lit a slim, brown cigarette and drew on it. "But have you heard the flugelhorn? I mean, have you heard a particularly adept flugelhorn?"