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Lenin's Paintings

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I was going through Lenin's jewelry and his paintings with a team of experts. I got the idea that I was hired to verify his paintings, although I didn't know he painted. When I went home people were staying with us who were actors and actresses, and

Channel Zero

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A killer enters the room. No one notices, and the show goes on.

Jack in the Box

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When you are a bit crazy yourself, talking to seriously crazy people is a complicated thing. No matter the yawning chasm there may be that separates the severity of your own crazy and the crazy of the gentleman who has accosted you in front of the Jack i

Health Code

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Frank flosses twice daily, tries to get at least seven hours of sleep a night and avoids paper cuts.

from Flatlander's Suite

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Under nervously flickering fluorescent lights / your name will grow / fed by the tongues of Those Who Never Leave

Are You Sure Charles Bukowski Did It This Way?

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"I'll bet the weather is rather pleasant in Guantanamo this time of year. A black hood will actually go nicely with virtually anything in my wardrobe," I thought as I turned away from the counter.

Elegy For the Old Republic

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You call the shit in this paper news? ‘Dog Accidentally Shoots Man With His Own Gun, Swedish Man Bursts Into Flames on Train Platform, The Truth About Elvis’s Hidden Extraterrestrial Daughter.’ Seriously? Enough about Elvis already.

Hellhound On My Trail

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I need a place to stay the night, cheap and off the beaten path. It's pitch dark and foggy, street signs impossible to read. I drive around in circles for a while and pull onto a frontage road parallel to the main highway. This leads to a ramshackle area that's mixed…


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I know what to expect because this has happened before. The darkness, the stench of an unlit match, The leathery sound of old wings flapping and finally that voice made up of feces and dust, ancient and terrible suggesting depravity and painful deaths t