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I'm Done.

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Just another day The rain came from above Wishing I was far away To realize it's just love The echoing heartaches shatter these walls Breaking down the corridors of this lie I know I'm not the only one she calls There's no reason for me…

Starmen Live in Stars

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Giant stars are beautiful, when you stand directly in front of them.But touching them, is a whole other story.Junior had touched one. A strong burning sensation flew through his arm and down his spine. A feeling of electrocution and burning at the same…

Pain as Mnemonic Device

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If something hurts enough/ you never forget it. Like the// toothache when you first learned

my father's fear

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my father has a phobia of dentists./ he also once felt/ that if the house ran out of toilet paper/ he would lose his job.


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I am quite the wreck!

The Breakable Bonds

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I signed up for functional I did not ask for this mixed bag of broken glass I have enough to swallow

The Medicine

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It wasn't pain but half of it, so half of it I mended


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"You've got white privilege and hot privilege," a Latina friend told me in 2015 when we shared the same taste in dollar store blue lipstick.