The Breakable Bonds

by Sheila Luecht

Spitting teeth like bullets
Aiming at your idiocy
Finding harm in doing so
One has to chew to eat

So I measure my heat
With melted fat
How long must the fire
Burn to wipe you out

Then I see the smoke
And cough through it
Almost biting it but like
Nails that miss a hammer

You a parasite are still
At my flesh, my brain, my heart
Mostly my heart why were
You not human not loving

I signed up for functional
I did not ask for this mixed bag
of broken glass
I have enough to swallow

When I was small
You ignored me
When I grew you used me
I figured it out intuitively

You were never a sister to me
I was a mop to you
Sent to clean up your messy
Self image, while trying to protect my own

Your haughty fake oratorios
Flagging every British accent you can find
Imagining yourself in some film
Unable to see reality

Invisible barriers like cigarette exhaust
Woven around your perimeters
Keeping reality away
Fighting with what is and what isn't

You have no version of reality 
Just another script
A waylayed passage  
Or crooked path

Nothing makes sense with you
It never has
No amount of help
No amount of understanding

Can fix your broken
But mine that you caused

So stay away 
You pox
Keep your lies to yourself
Bury them

And yourself
As I do now to your 
Blinding rage
Your hate

Your jealous
Pestilence. Be gone. I only want the light.