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It rains diamonds on Neptune, Zoe reminds herself. She knots her face and clamps her hands on her thighs, the better to ponder the impossible through the streaked windows of the bus. A small bird bounces off the glass, and Zoe looks back at it twitching on the…

Truth Smack

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Each hour I checked my six e-mail accounts. The universe refused to validate my unnecessary existence.

Surprise Birthday Party

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The parents were there but my daughter was invisible. The last time I saw her she had a golden ponytail and she was trying to trick her little sister out of her animal crackers.

Night and the spell that gave me peace

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When you have lived with pain so long, you grow old and the old man inside of you takes over. That’s just the way it is.

The Silicon Chamber

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Why did he seek punishment, if he felt no guilt? Why this empty conscious, though he had done such evil?

My Bicycle

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I can not tell you where he went.

The Mistakes

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An aging civilization has been under a spell for five thousand years.


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We moved on past the events of quiet rage, subtle acts of suicide, less subtle acts of calm homicide as people imperceptibly became willing to do more heinous acts than they were yesterday.

King Shit Kicker

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There is nothing at all frantic about this feverish process.

Freeing Annabel Lee

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It drifted into the sea, I say, when you ask me about home. You’ve only known me for a few moments, so you’re not sure how to gauge me. You laugh, and make an Annabel Lee reference. The English teach in me wants to hug you. The New Jersey in me wants


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emo0tions hang from limbs/like Spanish moss in the wind/stretched torn and ragged/shaking off drops of pain


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But she knew what she would find. She knew it all the moment she felt the sticky fingerprints behind the slat of her old oak slay bed. The fingerprints that would only be left from a person grabbing it from behind their head. The fingerprints that she


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My skin is tearing in microscopic slits


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here’s the deal… sorrow follows tears… pain later for the happiness now… is the joy something we only borrow…?


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If pain pills and whiskey were a planet, you could look through a telescope and see seventy, eighty percent of the people who inhabit this holler orbiting in its gravity. It has been this way as long as I remember.