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My days and weeks were similar to the following for the next year before I wanted to see, be stronger, try a meaningful relationship--before I would come in contact with Vanessa again it would be two years. This is a documented day Vanessa …

How Would Jesus Drive?

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Contemporary persecution of Christians takes on milder forms of torture like having to explain away something Pat Robertson said, or constantly having to hear about Fred Phelps picketing funerals because he happens to hate homosexuals.


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The door of the Continental opened an old man, a true geezer, stepped out, scratched his baked potato-shaped head. He was wearing sky blue polyester pants, Velcro shoes, a white striped polo that accentuated his man boobs and turkey neck. This man hunched


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My damn thoughts scatter like mercury across the bathroom floor.

Pura Vida

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The girl lifts my head, and I sit up straight once again. She hands me a pair of old work gloves, helps put them on my swollen hands. She wipes my face with a wet, warm towel. Her thin arms tremble. She cries. I cry.

On Literature

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judgment on silence, on darkness, on empty heads and bellies

On Faces

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She's not acting — she's being the moment.


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The capsules tumble around, one of them plinking against the crown in my upper-right jaw. I hate the crown… a mute reminder of the first time Brad hit me. Swallowing the capsules, my tongue probes the left side of my mouth, finding the other two crowns…

On Silence

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the world crumbles to nothing

Not Enough Angels at Work on the Head of a Pin

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my rule – a thorn

On Voices

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Silence was not his way

A Place in the Sun

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What grabbed the mind when you heard about it was the way he did it.

A Figure Left the Building

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A figure left the building.

On the Dying

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the great and terrible sigh of silence

On the Dying

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the great and terrible sigh of silence