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Five girls wobble into the train car. Their blistered feet protrude from the bedazzled straps of their sandals. Conductor: “Girls in the back with the open containers, you can't have those on the train.” A heavy-set girl in a belted yellow mini-dress…

Sunrises and Borrowed Pages

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I'm sitting on the B-line toward Park, and there is a woman with the same black bob as Mad TV's Miss Swan, and she is leaning the whole front of her body against the whole pole in front of me, and even though there is plenty of space around her, she is pressed up…

The Cracks Between My Keyboard Keys

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In exactly 100 words, I review the cracks between my keyboard keys.

Raw Sugar

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Take shelter from the rain inside the Museum of Sex.

It Came to Pass After This

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We sat in silence, the entire train, the few other passengers in anxious wait to see if I would change my mind. We all flipped pages, glanced up at each other, looked away when noticed.

Oh, Conductor

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At 2 am the train rolls by.


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Train travel is listed as a possible cause for deep vein thrombosis, a condition that causes blood to clot in the legs. Ray did not tell me this, but I looked it up later, remembered the disability status on his Charlie Card.Baclofen is not used for the treatment of…


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there she was, this beautiful duck with her 4 beautiful babies, under my bush.

Star-City Parade

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With the airy whisper of "I'm going to follow Mom," my pink, mittened hand slips out of my dad's loose grip, and I dart away, absorbed into the mass of bodies clustered on the downtown sidewalk.

"There is no honor in this."

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The scene itself struggles with decency.

We All Look So Perfect As We All Fall Down

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My server wore cat's eye glasses, a Wonderbra that made her breasts like the embryos from Alien wanting to burst their way out of her Hooters t-shirt but couldn't.


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They’re friends, him and Sissy and Raul, you know, and live upstairs from Asa and he went up there. He kept texting me saying, B here all night, follow u 2 airport. Yelled down through the floor. Real crazy shit.

The Failed Thesis

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In grade school, I was the dumb kid in class.

Why We Leave

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3 paragraphs from an essay I'm working on.

in progress

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