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Maxwell House Is Relief Spelled By A Sky Writer @ Sixty Two Hundred Feet

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Now, spill espresso on a parachute, we'll make a baby per day.

Desert Wine/Manhattan Sour

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rusted house off to the left a chrome revolver off to the right desert hallucinations city undulations

Badface Investigates - Being Naked

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I'm completely naked in an unheated basement, about 40 first year university students, most of them female, are staring at my ridiculous waif-like body.

Body to go

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I’m squatting naked over the hand mirror, feet cold on the terrazzo floor, looking at my winking arsehole.

The Pixie

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On the bank of the stream, we take off our clothes and dash into the water.

The death you are living loves you

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silence is the safest place to be when silence is what silence truly is

Blue Lips & Buckled Fingers

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But I wasn't getting out...


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What the fuck is that smell? Puke? Pine-Sol? Oh shit!Back seat of a cop car.Again?What is it this time?“Excuse me, officer? Where the fuck are my clothes?”

How Things Fall Apart

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The leaves/ seek reunion with the ground// and leave the oak tree naked/ in December’s cold.