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I Don’t Understand ?

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SHE: I hate you, don't leave me. Let me drive you away so you will stay. You ask about the worst of me, what I've told nobody and hidden just out of sight. I'd say it's hidden below the surface, but I wear it on my sleeve or just under it -- so you wil


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No matter how much he composes and prepares, he cannot override the electrical trigger in his brain. Something to do with the resonance of physical memory. It remembers amplitudes of current.

Prince Harry Was Naked

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I remember the sound of it- the shatter, the way he'd calm after the impact and begin to beg, in his still child-like voice, slowly regaining control, "Mom, do you still love me? You do, still love me, don't you?"

20% Chance of Rain, No Clouds in Sight

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The Grateful Dead once said, “what a long, strange trip it’s been.” That lyric has meant many things to many people, but it never meant much to me. I never got The Dead and the whole movement, but I understand the lyric.

Suicide - The Failsafe

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Yesterday morning I sank to the depths of hell and barely crawled out in time. There is no answer except possibly death that will find me relief from his distant presence. I am free but yet I am not and I slowly sink into a hollow world where nothing hurt

Hope and Fear

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She hears me, acknowledges me. She knows I’m bound each day, unable to make my voice heard. “It’s regrettable,” she mumbles...

Either Side of the Glass

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Why do you lie? the old woman repeats when her mouth is not busy filling the waste bin. We sit as far away from her wheedle and wretch as the small waiting room allows. A young woman glares at us through the mental health clinic's safety glass…

April 22, 2014

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Not with a bang but with / a whimper, they say, / that is how the world will end. / I am not Ophelia and there is / nothing beautiful about my fall.

Going Organic

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I should probably make it clear up front that I am not in my right mind, which I quite understand compromises the credibility of what I'm about to say. Without going into the history of my minor and somewhat more major psychotic episodes, my psychiatrist, unsure how finally…


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MOSAIC Your eyes coal-rimmed, busted, burned by betrayal. You and I, knee to knuckle, skinny with disorders and blurred around our edges. Challenged by our experience and the ash of past-love dusting the grate, the state, the…